Ethical and ecological principles of Wild and Free in practice:

1. Activities are based on sincerity, authenticity and originality.

2. Business is based on honesty, trust and partnership synergy.

3. Activities undertake to protect life in every possible form and to develop humanity, understanding and the respect for nature.

4. The company undertakes to promote equality between different races, religions, nations, citizens, sexes, ages and its view on life regardless of social status or wealth.

5. Wild and Free undertakes to promote inter-racial co-operation and understanding, as well as equal inter-cultural intercourse including the right of aboriginal people to uphold their own culture.

6. We guarantee our clients' protection of privacy in every stage of operations.

Our travel activities are based on the principle of sustainable development, in accordance
with which, for example:

- all activities take into account the sustainability of nature.

- our activities support the preservation of local cultural lands.

- we use techniques and products that conserve the nature.

- we promote the appropriate use of renewable natural resources in our activities.

Published on the internet in 1996, these principles are guidelines for all Wild and Free business activities and have remained unchanged since creation.

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